What’s New With Swagbucks?


Check out my most recent review of Swagbucks for all the latest changes.

If you use Swagbucks, you’re probably already aware of some of the changes to the site which they introduced last week.

Since these changes are pretty significant in terms of earning and redeeming, I figured I better do an update post for those of you who are interested in joining Swagbucks.

Basically, the change is that what used to be 1 Swagbucks now is 10 Swagbucks. The cost for all the prizes has been multiplied by 10 as well.

They’ve also added a few ways to get additional Swagbucks each day. You can view special offers for 2-3 Swagbucks each day, and the toolbar also features Swagbucks each day.

I’m not very excited about these changes, but I can’t complain much considering how many Amazon gift cards I’ve gotten from them for free. It just seems a little bit more difficult to earn the same value of Swagbucks now.

Here are the updated Stats:

Swagbucks Stats

Info Required to Sign Up: Full Name, Email, Country, State, Zip, Year of Birth.
Sign up bonuses: 30 Swagbucks
How money/points are earned: Searching the Web, Completing Special Offers, Shopping, Trading In Cell Phones, iPods, & Video Games, Referrals
Value of action: Varies. Swagbucks are awarded at random for searches, usually at values between 10-50. For shopping, 2 Swagbuck for every $1 spent at select merchants.
Redemption options: A variety of prizes. Gift cards (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc). Paypal.
Fees or rules for redemption: Noneā€“just have the amount the item costs.
Time redemption takes: Shipping estimate is given for all physical prizes ordered. E-gift cards arrived within 15 business days. Amazon gift cards post on the 16th & 20th of each month.
Cash value of points: Depends on Redemption method. Examples: Paypal: 10SB = $0.01. Amazon.com: 10SB = $0.01. Zendoo.com: 10SB = $1

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