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You may be wondering, “Tiffany how you find out about all of those free movie screenings you’re always posting about?” Well, curious reader: all over the place. I keep my eyes peeled for these screenings on several different websites on the internet. I figured I should take some time to outline a few of the locations I check out as a resource to my readers, mainly because I do not post every single free screening I find because I try to only post those that will benefit my readers across the United States (and sometimes Canada).

The site I find out about most of the screenings from is Wild About Movies. I absolutely loathe their website (it’s horribly bloated with unnecessary ads, images, videos, and text, and a nightmare to navigate). Lately their free screening listings have become a little more bizarre (perhaps even deceptive). They say that you can RSVP and print tickets for certain movies, but when you get to the page they say the tickets are not available yet, so you can sign up to receive an email when a screening is available in your area. I’ve done that a couple times and never received an email from them, so I think they’re just signing people up for their newsletter.

Sometimes though they do still have legitimate links and passes to print, so I always just wade through all the crap and post the good ones on this site. They’re just a nightmare to deal with sometimes.

Another great source is Entertainment Weekly, though their screenings are less frequent and, as I recently learned, so overbooked you need to be there at least two hours early. They’re usually only available in 10 or so major cities as well. The good thing is that if you sign up, you’re practically guaranteed a pass, the trick is actually getting into the screening before the theater is full.

When it comes to free screenings, Fox Searchlight is my absolute favorite. The studio features the sign up form on their website, which is super easy. Just sign up and they email you the passes. They usually have a ton of different dates and locations across the US & Canada. Also, their movies are usually fantastic. Also, I don’t usually have problems getting into the screenings as long as I’m there an hour to and hour and half before showtime. Unfortunately, if you sign up for their newsletter, they don’t email you about new screenings usually, you have to actually keep checking up on the site for them (though I post all of their screenings on T20S when they’re available).

A site that I don’t use too much is Film Metro. You have to sign up to be a member of the site, and the tickets become available at a specific time. They often “sell out” very quickly, and I’ve never been lucky enough to grab tickets through this site. A friend of mine has had better luck and gotten tickets through them before, so I know it is a legit site. You just have to be on there at the right time to score.

Seems like a lot of work, huh? Well it is. As always, I’ll continue to post national screenings here. So check back often or subscribe to my RSS feed for the latest posts.

If you’re new to advanced movie screenings, check out my tips.

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