Patio Gardening 2010: Week 8 – The Plants Are Flowering


This update will be pretty short this week. We had a busy weekend, and we on a film set from 5-11PM last night, so we didn’t have time to upload the video to Youtube yet. I don’t know how to use the boyfriend’s new camera, so hopefully he’ll put it up tonight. We have filmed it though, it just needs to be converted and uploaded.

Also, my digital camera is on it’s way back to Samsung for repair so I have to use my old digital camera for pictures. (The LCD screen on it is broken, so I can’t see the pictures when I take them. I apologize for any crappy photos.)

The weather has been cooler this week. It’s also been raining a lot and insanely windy outside. I feel bad for the plants because that wind is rough. They’re troopers though.

Last week we harvested beans for the first time. I was able to harvest a few more during the week, and I think there will be more ready maybe tomorrow.

The pumpkin plant flowered this morning, which is great! It’s really growing in comparison to the other plants and seems to be flourishing. I’ll be really excited if I get a pumpkin out of this–no matter what size.

The cucumber plants are flowering as well. I’m anxious about seeing more growth from the tomato and pepper plants. I feel like they haven’t done much of anything in awhile. Maybe it’s the yo-yo weather? I’m fertilizing weekly and hopefully that will help.

We bought some flower seeds and after we get some more soil we plan to plant them in the window box to give our patio a little more color (and maybe attract some of those butterflies I’ve seen around our neighborhood).

The video isn’t up yet, but I will add it to the post when it is. Here’s the video:

For those who are new, this year the boyfriend and I are doing a little container gardening experiment where we are trying to grow various herbs and vegetables on our patio. We live in the city of Chicago, so traditional gardening is out of the question. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to instantly receive the posts each week and also check out our previous posts. Feel free to subscribe to our Youtube channel as well.

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