Patio Gardening 2011: Week 5 — Sprouts, Seedlings, and Fruit


You may have noticed I didn’t do a post last week. Things have been crazy busy, so I didn’t get around to it. You can check out last week’s video for what you missed.

This week there’s not much more going. The only new things is our Dill from the Triscuit box has sprouted and the carrots have sprouted. We need to do a second pot of carrots soon, but today it is rainy and cold out, so we’ll put it off for a few days until it’s warmer outside.

The weather this week was crazy. It was in the mid 80s for several days (even reaching 90 in some areas), then on Friday the temperature dropped and it’s been cold and rainy ever since. I don’t think it’s effected the plants too much, but the basil and mixed greens have yet to sprout. That may or may not be related.

Otherwise, it’s still early in the season and there’s not much to get excited about yet. Everything seems to be at a pretty good pace.

Here’s a shot of the seedlings still in doors.

Here’s the carrot sprouts.

And here’s the little strawberries forming on our plants.

The boyfriend’s sprout project has gone well and he’s been enjoying those sprouts, which you can check out in the video for the week:

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