Patio Gardening 2010: Week 29 – End of Season


It looks like it’s finally over for our little patio garden. Last week we hit lows in the 30s and our poor plants started shriveling up a little.

The day before the big temperature drop, I went ahead and harvested all the peppers and tomatoes left on the plants. The last haul was 2 peppers and about 40 green tomatoes of various sizes. Hopefully they’ll slowly ripen indoors.

I’m letting the peppers and tomatoes do their thing a little longer. They keep trying to flower and I’m curious to see what may happen, but I don’t really expect anything. It’s cold out there.

I moved the basil inside even though it’s not looking so hot. I think the plan is eventually we’ll harvest all the basil, make a ton of pesto and freeze it. Then in the spring we’ll start fresh again.

I took the peppers from the garden and the ones left over from our CSA basket and chopped them up and froze them as Sylvia suggested. Now the boyfriend will have lots of peppers to last him through the winter.

For those who are new, this year the boyfriend and I are doing a little container gardening experiment where we are trying to grow various herbs and vegetables on our patio. We live in the city of Chicago, so traditional gardening is out of the question. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to instantly receive the posts each week and also check out our previous posts. Feel free to subscribe to our Youtube channel as well.


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