Patio Gardening 2010: Week 18 – Cucumber Casualties


Well, this week is definitely bitter sweet. Last week, some of our cucumber plants were not doing so well and two of them succumbed this week. We also lost a pot of our bean plants (3 plants). The other ones are looking okay, but not their best.

I think the heat wave was what did the beans in. That’s finally ended. Today it’s much cooler and the high is only in the lower 80s. I even have the windows open right now to let in some fresh air, which is nice.

Here’s a lovely shot of our garden through the window:

There are more cucumbers growing on the plants that are still alive. Hopefully they’ll make it and we’ll enjoy more cucumbers this year.

On the upside we have tons of tomatoes, with new ones ripening each day and new blossoms appearing, so hopefully we’ll have a somewhat constant stream of tomatoes for the rest of the season.

We’ll harvest more tonight for dinner. This weekend we harvested 15 tomatoes and pruned the tops off our basil plants.

Thinking ahead to winter, we decided to make a bunch of pesto and whatever was left over from dinner we froze. We just put the extra in an ice cube tray to freeze it, then transferred the cubes to a freezer bag. We’ll keep doing this for the rest of the season and hopefully will have enough frozen pesto to get us through the winter.

We’ve used up most of the scallions, there’s just a few left. Next year we will stagger their planting so there’s a more consistent stream.

That’s it for this week. Here’s our video:

For those who are new, this year the boyfriend and I are doing a little container gardening experiment where we are trying to grow various herbs and vegetables on our patio. We live in the city of Chicago, so traditional gardening is out of the question. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to instantly receive the posts each week and also check out our previous posts. Feel free to subscribe to our Youtube channel as well.

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