Download the Game Portal for Free Until 9/20/11

Oh boy do I love Portal. My only regret is I bought it and conquered it months ago so I can’t get it for free now. But now I can talk about how much I love it as I pass along this bit of news. Steam is offering the original Portal for free until September

July 2011 Student Loan Update: Lower Payment

When I got an email from Sallie Mae last week telling me I had a message about my account information, I couldn’t wait to log in because I knew–I just knew–that the extra payments I’ve made on my account the past few months must have finally paid off. They have. Sallie Mae lowered my monthly

Site Update: New Comment Policy

Hello all! I know it has been very quiet around here lately, but I’m still around and have some great content planned for this week. I just wanted to announce that I’m making a small change to the site functionality that shouldn’t effect everyone too much. Unfortunately this site gets a lot of spam comments

Knowledge Panel Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve gotten a lot of traffic lately from people who want to find out more information about the Knowledge Networks Panel, who sends out snail mail invitations to lucky households that are invited to join their panel. Even better, the invitations always include $2 in cash. I’ve been a member of the Knowledge Panel for

Patio Gardening 2011: Week 3 — Signs of Life

Finally we got some signs of life these week from our planted seeds. In fact everything is sprouting except for the peppers and mixed greens. I’ve been super busy so I don’t have time to do up a full post, but you can check out the video with all the details. Also, we’re planting some

Student Loan Auto Debit Lowers My Sallie Mae Payment

I haven’t written about my student loans in a little while. I’ve made some changes that are really helping me save money. I’ve written many times about ways to lower monthly student loan payments. The one I hadn’t tried yet was utilizing benefits from my lender. Honestly, Sallie Mae doesn’t offer many benefits to those

Patio Gardening 2011: Week 2 – Scaring Birds Away

This has not been the best week in patio gardening history. This time last year we had seedlings popping up. Sadly this is not the case this year. Instead we just have pots of dirt. Why is this? Who knows. I have a few theories. First, once we planted the seeds last weekend the weather

Free $20 Credit for New Members of Rue La La

I’ve posted about this before and it’s back. Sign up for Rue La La and new members will get a $20 credit. This credit can be used towards shipping as well and I was able to get a free gift for a friend with my credit last year. Rue La Le features different Boutiques each

Patio Gardening 2011: Week 1 – Planting the Seeds

We’re off to a good start this year. The weather was pretty cold and windy today, not exactly making for the best gardening weather, but we wanted to get started so we have seedlings ready to go out when the weather finally gets nice. Our gardening adventure for the year started last week when we