Money Saving Tip: Shop the Yearly Sales & Clearances


I saw this yesterday on and though it would be great to share with my readers.

Last week, when I was talking about planning a Beach Day, I mentioned how this the time of year when most of the beach and summer stuff goes on clearance to make way for Back to School and other fall sales. I always try to shop these clearance sales, even if it’s for something I won’t use in a year, because I know it’ll be a great deal.

I usually just go off of assumptions related to changes in the seasons, or what’s being promoted in the circulars, but has a complete list of all the yearly sales and clearances by month. I recommend you bookmark this list (I have!) and refer to it often.

For next month, August, here’s what the big sales are according to the list:

Loss Leaders – Back to School deals:

  • Lunch foods
  • School supplies
  • Backpacks & lunchboxes
  • Cereal, peanut butter and jelly

Clearance Items:

  • BBQ equipment, charcoal
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellant

After my move, I think I’ll be heading to the store to snap up some great sunscreen deals. I really need to make sure I have enough to lather on to prevent any further Beach Day burns.

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