Money Saving Tip: Creative Uses for Clothespins


During and after my recent move, there’s been a lot of item shuffling, donating, recycling, etc. It’s really given me a good chance to look at all of the things I have and figure out whether or not I need them, and also gave me a nice opportunity to find creative new uses for things I already have.

I have a ton of clothespins. I originally bought them because I needed a few to hang some items that can’t go in the drier. They were 50 for a buck at the dollar store, so I have a ton leftover that I’m not using for anything.

While I was unpacking, I realized we didn’t have as many chip clips as we used to and thought about adding it to our shopping list. Then it dawned on me: why should I got spent $3-5 on a couple of chip clips when I have a ton of clothespins readily available?

That wasn’t the only idea I thought of. I remember my mother previously used clothespins to attach skirts and other similar items to traditional hangers when there weren’t enough pants hangers available. Again I can save money by using items I already have, instead of going out and buying pants hangers.

I’m not the first to be creative with my clothespins, there are tons of other ideas and fun art projects as well. I’d love to hear what you use them for.

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