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I haven’t reviewed any survey sites yet, so I figured I should start with one of my newer favorites, Opinion Outpost.

I’ve been taking online surveys for about 10 years. I have not discovered the magical way that people supposedly make a living completing surveys, but I have made a lot of extra cash over the years which has helped with expenses here and there or just to buy myself an extra little treat.

Opinion Outpost is a very simple panel. You sign up, fill out your member profiles, and receive emails as new surveys open up. If you successfully finish the survey, then your account is instantly credited with the points. If you do not meet the qualifications for the survey, then you have three options: play an instant win game for $75, enter the sweepstakes for $750, or donate 10 cents to the Red Cross (very unique and cool option).

The site only pays via check, which you must request. The minimum amount for payout is 50 points ($5). They say it takes 4-8 weeks to process and deliver the checks, but I’ve always received them within 3-4 days, which is quite impressive in comparison to some other companies.

I’ve only been a member of Opinion Outpost for a few years, but I am extremely impressed with them. The surveys are easy to complete, I’ve always received my points and my checks in a timely manner without issue. They are one of the few panels that I immediately take their surveys when I receive the email invitations, just because I know how hassle free they are.

ETA 10/03/09: I’ve just been notified that Opinion Points can now be redeemed for gift cards. This is great because there is no processing time and the code is emailed instantly. The value of the points is the same for cash & gift card redemption.

Opinion Outpost Stats

Info required to Sign Up: Email, first & last name, mailing address, plus profile information (birthday, sex, marital status, education, employment status, race, etc)
Member eligibility requirements: Must be 18 years of age or older & reside in the USA or Canada. One account per household.
Sign up bonuses: None
How points are earned: Taking surveys
Value of survey: Varies by survey, most are 20-25 points
Earnings for disqualified survey: Choice of instant win game ($75), 10 cent donation to Red Cross, or and entry into a sweepstakes for $750.
Redemption options: Check, gift certificate
Fees or rules for redemption: Minimum 50 points ($5). No fee.
Time redemption takes: I receive my checks in the mail in about 3-4 days. certificates are sent instantly via email.
Cash value of points: 10 points = $1

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