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This seems like a good week to try and make some extra money, right? Well, today I am reviewing Toluna. I never actually joined Toluna. I was a member of Greenfield Online, which was acquired by Toluna last year, and eventually my Greenfield account became a Toluna account. At first I was skeptical because I didn’t really know anything about Toluna, but I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with my experiences so far.

Toluna is market research meets social networking. This means there’s lots of opportunities to earn points beyond just taking surveys. Besides the traditional surveys, you can earn points every day by taking sponsored polls and short surveys (usually less than 10 questions) and writing 80+ word opinions on the site.

In addition to the community, you’ll also receive invitations for longer surveys. The surveys I’ve received are usually somewhere between 1200 & 15000 points (<$1-$5). I don't bother with any surveys under 3000 points and I take into consideration the length of time listed in the invite email. When you sign up, they encourage you to fill out their "interest surveys," which qualify you for other surveys. You receive 600 points for each interest survey and then 2000 points for completing them all. That earned me over 12000 points to start off with. I racked up the required 60,000 points for a check last month and put in the request. I received it in about 3 weeks, so this panel is 100% legit.

Overall, Toluna is a great panel, currently one of my favorites. It’s easy to rack up points with simple polls and then pick and choose the best paying surveys to make good use of my time. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to earn extra money through surveys.

Toluna Stats

Info Required to Sign Up: Name, email, address, DOB, gender, income.
Member eligibility requirements:
Sign up bonuses: 500 points
How points are earned: Taking surveys, writing opinions, voting in sponsored polls.
Value of survey/action: Surveys: 500+ points, write opinion: 100 points, sponsored polls: 15-150 points, invite a friend: 500 points.
Earnings for disqualified survey: Sweepstakes entry.
Redemption options: Check, shopping vouchers, sweepstakes entries.
Fees or rules for redemption: Minimum 60,000 points for $20 check. 3000 – 75000 points for shopping vouchers.
Time redemption takes: They say up to 8 weeks. My check came in about 3 weeks.
Cash value of points: 3000 points = $1

Note: Supposedly Paypal is a payment option, but I did not see it when I requested my payment last month.


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