Make Money Online: Instant Cash Sweepstakes


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Today I’m posting about a site very different from the other money making sites I’ve blogged about previously.

I’ve been a member of Instant Cash Sweepstakes for about 2 weeks. So far I’m not very impressed with the payout in comparison to the amount of time spent on the site, but it could be far worse.

Basically, how the site works is you answer a series of three questions, these are either user-submitted questions or “BIZ” surveys from sponsors (which is how they make the money that the prizes come from). When you submit your answers you win a prize, either cash, lottery tickets for the next drawing, or coins. At a minimum, you will get 1 ticket and 1 coin.

You’re allowed to do five sets of questions every 3 hours. There is an option to sign up for email reminders to let you know when you can play again. Sometimes you’ll get a repeat question set–this is to test whether or not you’re giving honest answers. If you match the answers you originally put, they will triple your winnings (you have to match all 3 answers).

Cash winnings are paid via Paypal. There is a minimum of $2 winnings before you can cash out. The coins were added the day after I signed up. Basically, you rack up the points and then you can redeem them in the Bonus Store. This is all very new, so we’ll have to see how it plays out. Currently, the prize selection looks like they just picked a bunch of items from around their office (a corkscrew, a box of Splenda…), but slowly they’re adding new items each day. Right now the cheapest item is an 8 GB HP Flash drive, which costs 28,975 coins.

In my two weeks on the site, I have earned $0.75 cents and 182 coins. The 0.75 came from winning cash once. The drawings that the lottery tickets go for happen weekly, and I haven’t won anything from that yet either. Of course, I’ve only been a member for two weeks. I will keep using the site and update on any new winnings and my thoughts after using it for awhile. (You can now read my update here).

Instant Cash Sweepstakes Stats

Info Required to Sign Up: Email, First Name, Initial of Last Name, Birth date, Gender, State, County, Zip, Paypal Email, Statistical questions (education, employment, race, etc)
Member eligibility requirements: Minimum 18 years old, US Resident
Sign up bonuses: None
How money/tickets/coins are earned: Answering 3 questions to win a “prize,” either cash, tickets, or coins. Minimum 1 ticket and 1 coin each time.
Redemption options: Cash is via Paypal only. Coins can be traded in for prizes.
Fees or rules for redemption: No fees. Minimum $2 to cash out.
Time redemption takes: 72 hours to receive Paypal payment after request.
Cash value of coins: Unable to determine at this time

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Some of the information in this post is out of date. Check out the the most recent ICS post for current info.