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All right everyone, the first time I posted about Instant Cash Sweepstakes I’d only been a member of the site for about two weeks, and I wasn’t particularly impressed with it at the time. Since I’d only had limited experience with the site, I promised to give it more time and then come back with an update. Well, here it is.

Honestly, I stopped visiting Instant Cash Sweepstakes a week or so afterward. I racked up coins and lottery tickets but never earned any more money. I started to feel like maybe this is was the kind of site where you could only earn money if you convince a lot of people to sign up via your referral link (yes that link above is a referral link). At this point, I have no referrals, which isn’t surprising because I haven’t exactly given the site the most outstanding reviews. With all of the other survey sites and money making sites out there, I could earn actual money, not just sweepstakes entries, in the time I was wasting filling out those little surveys.

So what changes have I noticed since my last visit about two months ago? Not much. The coin store is still sparsely populated with ten high priced items (including that bizarre box of Splenda, which costs more than the 8gb jump drive). Apparently, at the beginning of the month they decided to change their sweepstakes format, instead of one big prize each week, they’re doing a daily prize of $50, and if your referral wins it, you win it too.

What are my earnings at this point? Well, I’m still stuck at 75 cents. I have 389 coins, and 154 tickets for the lottery drawing today. Keep in mind I haven’t used the site for like a month and a half, but still, not impressive.

So overall, I think I’m mostly done with Instant Cash Sweepstakes. I think I’ll probably still check in from time to time just to see what’s going on and if they’ve done anything new. They still call themselves “beta” and seem to incorporate the ideas of the users, so it’s possible they’ll transform into a great site yet. I’ll keep you updated if they do, but for now, I have other things I’d like to spend my time on.

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Some of the information in this post is out of date. Check out the the most recent ICS post for current info.

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