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Instant Cash Sweepstakes is now Paid Viewpoint. Sign up here to make money taking their surveys.

Well, Instant Cash Sweepstakes has done it again: they’ve updated their rules and added more ways to earn money. I honestly like them more and more with each update. Unfortunately, it seems my first few posts about it are so out of date that I’m just doing a whole new stat post for them.

Basically, how the site works is you answer show surveys (3-5 questions). These are either user-submitted questions or “BIZ” surveys from sponsors (which is how they make the money that the prizes come from). When you submit your answers you win a prize, either cash, lottery tickets for the next drawing, or coins. Usually, you will win tickets and coins for every survey and then cash once per survey session.

The number of surveys you can take is limited. There’s a 3 hour waiting period in between “sessions.” When you first join you can answer 5 surveys per session. As you answer surveys you’re given a TrustScore number, which keeps track of your honesty in answers (basically that you’re giving consistent information and not just marking answers randomly). The higher your TrustScore the more surveys you can answer per session, plus you get bonus lottery tickets and coins.

In addition to these short surveys, if you have a webcam you can become a “Pro member” and answer video surveys. These usually require responding to prompts and questions in your own minute long video and pay around $1-2.50 each.

In addition to the cash earnings, your tickets go towards daily drawings for $50 and you can exchange your coins for tickets in the daily drawing or for a $2 drawing every 4 hours.

They do have a referral program, and you earn matched winnings from your referral’s surveys (cash and lottery tickets) and if they win the $2 drawing.

If you fail to login for 30 days any money you’ve earned will be lost, so make sure to check in regularly (that’s the best way to earn anyway).

Sign-up is easy and I recommend this site to anyone interested in making a little extra money. It’s fun and all those little winnings add up with little work.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes Stats

Info Required to Sign Up: Email, First Name, Initial of Last Name, Birth date, Gender, State, County, Zip, Paypal Email, Statistical questions (education, employment, race, etc)
Member eligibility requirements: Must reside in the US and be over 18 years of age
Sign up bonuses: None
How money/points are earned: Answering short surveys (3-5 questions) to win a “prize,” either cash, tickets, or coins. If you have a webcam, you can do pro surveys, recording a 1 minute video and receive payment of $1-2. Coins and tickets can be entered into daily drawings for $50 and a drawing every 4 hours for $2.
Referral Program: Earn matching cash from referrals (except for the $50 drawing)
Redemption options: Cash via Paypal
Fees or rules for redemption: No fee. Minimum $2 to cash out. (Paypal may take out a fee)
Time redemption takes: Less than 72 hours (usually next day).

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