Make Money Online: Earn ECBs on the CVS Advisor Panel


This panel is a bit different from the other ones I’ve reviewed so far, but if you shop at CVS, it’s totally worth it to join.

The CVS Advisor Panel is run by CVS to get feedback from shoppers about the store, products, and services. In return for your opinions–which shape future programs and services at the store–you will receive ECBS that can be used like cash at any CVS store.

The unfortunate thing about this panel is they don’t send out many surveys and there’s no regular schedule either. There could be months with no surveys and then you’ll get a few surveys in a row. That’s just how it goes.

The great thing is, even if you don’t qualify for the survey, you’ll still be rewarded with $2 ECBs for trying. I once completed a 20 minute survey that rewarded me with $15 ECBs, which was fantastic. You receive the reward as soon as you finish the survey–just print it out and take it to the store.

In order to sign up and earn rewards you need to be an ExtraCare Card member (free to sign up, plus it earns you all those great savings at the store).

The panel is great for CVS shoppers and I recommend giving it a try. You never know when one of those $15 ECB surveys shows up in your inbox.

Here’s the stats:

CVS Advisor Panel Stats:

Info Required to Sign Up: ExtraCare card number, plus the typical info.
Member eligibility requirements: Must have a CVS ExtraCare card to earn rewards and be 18 years of age or older.
How money is earned: Filling out surveys about CVS.
Value of survey: Depends on the survey, somewhere between $2 and $15 ECBs.
Earnings for disqualified survey: $2 ECBs.
Referral Program: No.
Redemption options: You earn ECBs as soon as you finish the survey, which you can print and use at any CVS store right away.
Time redemption takes: Instant.
Cash value of points: $1 ECB = $1

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