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I’ve gotten a lot of traffic lately from people who want to find out more information about the Knowledge Networks Panel, who sends out snail mail invitations to lucky households that are invited to join their panel. Even better, the invitations always include $2 in cash.

I’ve been a member of the Knowledge Panel for two years now and I still love it. I’ve made hundreds of dollars from them and I really think they’re one of the best panels out there. Unfortunately they are invitation only, so you have to be one of the lucky households to receive their mailed invitation.

Since this panel is so popular and mysterious, I get a lot of readers coming by the site and asking questions about the panel. Unfortunately I am so busy now that I don’t have the time to answer each and every question, especially since I’m asked the same questions over and over. I decided to compile this post of the most frequently asked questions I get in the comments and my email inbox into one place so everyone can find the information easily.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Knowledge Panel and I am not affiliated with them in any way. These answers are based off of my experiences and the information on their website. If you have any further questions or problems with your account, please contact the Knowledge Panel directly.

Is Knowledge Panel real or is it a scam to get my information?
Knowledge Panel is a real opinion research company started by two Stanford University professors in 1998. They will be collecting information from you in the surveys, but it’s all for research purposes and you will be compensated. I’ve even post proof of receiving checks from the panel. If you want to learn more about the panel, visit their website. You can also read my review of the panel.

How do I sign up?
Unfortunately your household must be selected by the panel and receive a special invitation in the mail. There is no other way to sign up for the panel.

How will I get paid?
From the Knowledge Panel site:
If you have Internet access at home, you will be given 1,000 points for every survey you complete. Every time you get to 25,000 points you are sent a check for $25.
You can still join even if you do not have Internet access at home. We will provide you with a computer and give you free telephone dial-up Internet access for as long as you remain a member. We do this because we need to represent all households in our surveys.

See proof of my payment.

Are you sure the checks are real? Is it just a scam to get my bank information?
Yes, the checks are real. You can cash or deposit them like any other check. I’ve been depositing their checks for two years with out any problems, none of them have bounced. You can even check out some pictures of a few checks.

I don’t have internet and they’re sending me a computer. Do I get to keep the computer? What can I do with the computer? What if I stop answering the surveys? Is this mine to keep?
I have my own internet access and computer, so I do not participate in this part of the program and I don’t have anymore information about it. Please contact the panel directly with your questions.

I am having problems with my account. Can you fix it?
No, I don’t work for Knowledge Panel. Please contact their very helpful customer service team via email or phone.

If you have any questions other about Knowledge Panel, please check their FAQ.

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