Free Streaming Yoga Videos with Amazon Prime

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A couple years ago in November, my husband (then boyfriend) decided to try out Amazon Prime. I was aghast–Amazon wanted to charge us a yearly fee just to give us free shipping? But it was so easy at the time to get free shipping by ordering over $25 worth of stuff. They had a 30 day free trial, so his argument is we would just use it to buy Christmas presents and get the free 2-day shipping, and then at the end of the trial we would cancel it.

As you can probably guess by the fact that I am writing this post, we did not cancel the membership. The free shipping was incredibly convenient, and in addition to buying most of our Christmas presents on Amazon, we also started snagging deals on food, cleaning supplies, and more. And then we also discovered the free streaming video that comes with a Prime membership. That sealed the deal for us.

We are what you would call “cord-cutters” in that we do not pay for TV. Since both of us moved out on our own, we have never paid for cable. We’ve had streaming Netflix since it was available, but it wasn’t quite enough. Amazon Prime has filled that need for us.

In addition to having a ton of movies and TV shows that Netflix and Hulu don’t have, Amazon has a lot of exercise videos. We have always tried to save money and stay fit by taking advantage of streaming exercise videos. I especially enjoy yoga videos because it’s my preferred form of exercise, and yoga classes are so expensive in Chicago.

Amazon Prime offers so many streaming yoga classes for free as a part of the Prime Membership, that I can vary up my routine and find instructors I really like. I absolutely love it, and I feel like this is worth the price of the membership alone.

The nice thing is, Amazon offers a 30 day free trial so you can try it out before you join or just use it for a month, get your fill of free classes and the cancel without spending a dime.

Here are some of the classes I have enjoyed for free with my Amazon Prime Membership (and yes, some of them are not yoga :P):

So if you’re interested in staying fit without shelling out a lot of cash for a gym membership or a la carte yoga classes, try Amazon Prime. You’ll get the free videos, also free 2-day shipping, ad free streaming music (which means you don’t need a Spotify or Pandora subscriptions), cloud storage, and more.

Free Streaming Yoga, Pilates, & Exercise Videos on Hulu

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The weather is getting warmer here and just like spring is a fresh start for all the plants growing outside, it’s a good time to make personal changes for a “new start.”

The boyfriend and I have been actively seeking ways to improve our lives and our health. One of our biggest goals right now is to be more active in general and exercise regularly.

I love yoga. I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing it, so we’re making it a goal to practice yoga regularly starting this weekend. Luckily enough, there are plenty of free resources for yoga, including free streaming videos and downloads.

I recently discovered that Hulu, a fantastic source for free streaming TV shows, has a whole channel dedicated to exercise called Exercise TV.

This channel includes things like Jillian Michael’s Mini Workouts, Bikini Body Makeover, and Six Pack Abs. Now, the thing that I am really excited about is their Yoga and Pilates section.

This section includes a variety of 10-20 minute workouts with different focuses, like Hips, Buns, & Thighs or Cardio Yoga. These are fun, short videos that can add variety to your routine. The videos can change periodically, so stay tuned for what they’ll have available in the future.

The best part is all of the videos are free, so you can try a new exercise routine without spending any money.

How do you exercise and save money at the same time? Let me know in the comments.

Looking for more free videos? Check out free streaming yoga and workout videos on Amazon.

Free Streaming Classes on Hulu: Yoga Zone & Yoga Fusion

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I will admit it: unemployment has made me kind of lazy. With so much spare time, I end up wasting it away pretty quickly instead of doing the things I should be doing, like laundry or errands.

One of the things I’ve been slacking on is exercise. I’ve expressed my fondness for yoga before, and I’m constantly looking for ways to enjoy yoga without spending a lot of money on yoga classes. I love going to yoga classes, but since I can’t fit it into my very limited budget right now, I have to opt for free ways to get my yoga fix.

One of those ways is through streaming video of yoga classes. Previously I’ve posted yoga downloads, streaming DVDs, streaming video, and yoga and pilates classes on Hulu. Well, this week I discovered more great yoga on Hulu.

I was poking around, thinking I should do some yoga, so I decided to check out Yoga Zone. This is a series which features a variety of yoga classes. Most of the videos are about 20 minutes long, perfect for those of us who need to fit yoga into an already busy schedule. There are also hour long episodes as well.

One of the best parts of this series is there is a huge variety of episodes, including focuses on weight loss, flexibility, evening stress relief, and sculpting. I started out with the Gentle Yoga videos, which helped to ease me back into yoga, and it was really enjoyable.

My goal now is to do yoga at least 4 times a week, but ideally I’d like to do it every day while I’m unemployed.

In addition to Yoga Zone, I also found Yoga Fusion on Hulu. It’s just 4 episodes: Beginners Basic, Strength & Sculpt, Great Abs, and Power. Free is free, so check it out if you’re interested.

Looking for more free videos? Check out free streaming yoga and workout videos on Amazon.

3 Yoga DVDs Available as Free Streaming Online Video

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I love yoga and I know it’s something my readers enjoy as well since my most popular posts are the ones with free yoga classes and videos. Attending a yoga class in person, especially when you’re first starting out, is best because the instructor can help you learn the poses and correct any mistakes you may be making. But the cost of those yoga classes can really add up. These free videos can be a great substitute or supplement for yoga classes.

I recently discovered three more free online classes. These are actual DVDs that are posted online in full by Yoga Online.

The first class they offer is Yoga for Beginners, which is available on Youtube in several parts and also on Google video. This class features 22 different poses and is targeted for beginners, so if you’re looking to try yoga for the first time or getting back into it after a long break from practice, this is a great video to give a try, especially since it’s free.

Here’s a sample with their downward facing dog pose:

This site also has a 25 minutes Yoga for Seniors routine. All though this is obviously not targeted for the 20 something age group, you can share this video with friends and family or even give it a try yourself. It’s a little more gentle, and Yoga online says that it’s good for beginners of any age as well.

The third video is Yoga and the Art of Aging. This is part one of a seven part series. This video is more advanced than the other two, so I wouldn’t recommend trying it right away if you’re new to yoga.

I don’t know how long these videos will be available for. They say to subscribe to their Youtube channel because they’ll be uploading more videos in the future. This could become a great resource for free online yoga routines.

Looking for more free videos? Check out free streaming yoga and workout videos on Amazon.

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Free Streaming Videos of Online Yoga Classes

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As a follow up to my original post about free yoga classes, audio downloads, and videos, I’d like to share another yoga website I’ve discovered.

If yoga is your preferred form of exercise and relaxation, then you probably know how expensive studio classes can be. An easy way to save money and continue your practice is to do it at home. There are many yoga DVDs available, but you do have to buy them. Free yoga routines are easily accessible online and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

YogaToday is a site I previously reviewed. Unfortunately their yoga classes require a subscription, with one free streaming class each week. All the videos are free on the site I’m featuring today.

My Free Yoga features a variety of streaming videos. There are several collections and categories including beginner, ashtanga, bikram, hatha, power yoga, and more. The videos are a mix of full routines and shorter videos of specific moves, so you can mix and match and create your own routines if you like.

All of the streaming videos are free, and I was able to watch them without signing up for the site (signing up is free as well).

If you’re interested in trying some studio classes for free, check out how you can get a week of free classes during September 2009.

Looking for more free videos? Check out free streaming yoga and workout videos on Amazon.

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