Get Free Coupons by Providing Product Feedback


This is an interesting way to receive coupons for products, and I think many people aren’t aware of this and don’t utilize this great opportunity.

So here’s the back story: the boyfriend was trying to open a new bottle of Kraft salad dressing. I wasn’t there at the time, so I’m not sure exactly what he did, but somehow in the process he managed to accidentally cut his finger on the easy open seal. According to him it hurt and bled a lot, and he had problems using his right hand because of the wound. (For the record, I have never had any problems with Kraft salad dressing and I certainly do not want my boyfriend’s strange experience to dissuade anyone from buying it.)

He was pretty upset with this and decided to give Kraft a call via the 1-800 number on the bottle. He let them know what happened, and they were surprised because they had no other similar reports at that time. He says they were very kind and sympathetic, apologizing for the injury and offered to reimburse him for the product through a free coupon, so he gave them his contact info.

Less than a week after the incident, a letter arrived in the mail from Kraft’s Consumer Representative. The letter apologized again for his bad experience and included four coupons for free Kraft products: 2 for the salad dressing and 2 for Nabisco cookies or crackers.

Needless to say, the boyfriend is very pleased with how Kraft handled the situation and will continue to buy Kraft products (I will be opening all of the salad dressing from now on though).

If there are products that you use and love or have a bad experience with, utilize that 1-800 number on the product’s packaging. The companies love to get feedback from consumers on their products, that’s while they hire market research companies, etc. Whether you give good or bad feedback really doesn’t matter, the company just wants to hear what you think. It’s very possible they’ll give you free coupons as a thank you for your thoughts and loyalty to the brand.

Now I do not want any of my readers contacting these companies and lying about bad experiences just because you want free coupons. That’s dishonest and doesn’t benefit the company, who takes the comments seriously. Be honest, praise the product if you love it. You’ll probably get some great coupons for your good feedback and the company will know what they’re doing right and they’ll keep doing it. Then everybody wins.

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