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Looking for video recommendations? Check out the 10 best yoga videos on Amazon Prime.

I love yoga. It’s a great form of exercise to improve flexibility and also a great stress reliever. I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from 60 minutes of stress relief each day.

As great as yoga is, attending classes frequently is something most people don’t have time or the extra cash for. You could just buy some yoga DVDs and yoga equipment or create your own routine for a home practice, or you could try out some free downloadable classes.

Audio Downloads

Yoga Audio Classes offers a free download of a 20 minutes audio class. The classes come with slides or a pose guide. They’re in mp3 format, so you can play them at home or even put them on an iPod or mp3 player to do yoga at the park (if you can maneuver the poses while wearing headphones).

Downloads include yoga classes specialized in weight-loss, core, power yoga, prenatal, working your buns, and more.

Unfortunately, the downloads aren’t instant. Add all of the ones you’re interested in to your cart, then check out. You will have to sign up for an account to complete the checkout process and they will ask for a billing address and an email address, but you will not need to provide credit card info. After your order is complete, just go to your account, select download links, and download the files.

If you decided you enjoy the 20 minute classes, then you can easily purchase longer classes or buy a membership with the site.

Streaming Yoga Videos

Free Yoga Classes, Audio Downloads & Videos

If you have an Amazon Prime account, then you have access to their robust library of streaming video, including free yoga classes. Feel overwhelmed by all of the choices? No worries, I reviewed the the 10 best yoga videos on Amazon Prime. Try one out to enjoy a free yoga class at home. You can also download them to your smartphone or tablet to do yoga on the go.

If you want more than just a 20 minute class or feel more comfortable will a video guide of poses, then you’re in luck. Yoga Today provides free videos of yoga classes everyday. You won’t be stuck doing the same routine over and over. The videos change each day with different instructors and different focuses for each class, like a basic sun salutation, high energy postures, or even beginner classes.

There’s nothing to download, just select your class and watch the streaming video. Each class is about an hour. Unfortunately, since there is no download, you’re stuck doing yoga wherever you have wifi or you have to use cellular data.

Youtube is another fantastic resource for free yoga classes. There’s tons of Yoga channels that offer a variety of classes for beginners and advanced yogis.

For another site featuring free streaming classes, check out My Free Yoga.

Yoga Display

Cheap & Sometimes Free Yoga Classes

Cheap and Free Yoga Classes

If you really crave the atmosphere of a real yoga class, there are often affordable and sometimes free ways to take classes.

Many yoga studios will offer a free introductory class, so check around with the ones in your area. Some studios will offer community classes that are open to the public at discounted or “pay what you can” rates, and sometimes the community classes are even free!

If you’re lucky to have a Lululemon Athletica Store in your area, check their community events calendar. They usually offer free yoga classes (also pilates & more) weekly in their stores.

For cheap classes in your community, check with the YMCA. They offer an assortment of health & fitness activities at very reasonable classes. Also, check with your park district to see if they may have any programs available.

Looking for more free videos? Check out free streaming yoga and workout videos on Amazon.

Looking for video recommendations? Check out the 10 best yoga videos on Amazon Prime.

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