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Success – Student Loans Paid off in Full!

Hey everyone! I know I don’t post much anymore, but I wanted to do a quick update today for anyone who still might be following along. I paid off my student loans in full this week! This is immensely exciting as you will remember the total debt was once in 6 digits after a couple

October 2012 Sallie Mae Student Debt Update

Well, it’s 2013 already. Where did all of the time go? It’s time (past time) for my quarterly student loan update. Again, I’m two months behind for the debt updated for October. In July, Sallie Mae dropped my monthly loan payment to $962.77. Between July and October I paid $1420.73 extra on my loans, including

January 2012 Student Loan Debt Update

Yes, it’s technically February, but this my first chance to sit down and write this post. January was the next month for Sallie Mae to reevaluate my monthly payment based off the extra payments I make on my student loan each month. Back in October, Sallie Mae dropped my monthly payment to $996.97. I paid

Student Loan Auto Debit Lowers My Sallie Mae Payment

I haven’t written about my student loans in a little while. I’ve made some changes that are really helping me save money. I’ve written many times about ways to lower monthly student loan payments. The one I hadn’t tried yet was utilizing benefits from my lender. Honestly, Sallie Mae doesn’t offer many benefits to those

Getting Back on Track Paying Off My Student Loans

Previously I posted about tricks I was using to pay off my ridiculous amount of student loans and the little strides I was making to cut those down. If you’re a long time reader, you probably noticed I promptly stopped talking about it. This wasn’t out of laziness but more out of shame because I

Free Movie Screening Bummer: The Theater Was Packed

A few week ago I posted about the free Up in the Air screening Entertainment Weekly was sponsoring. I was looking forward to seeing this movie. The boyfriend and I met up downtown, grabbed some dinner, and then headed over to the theater an hour before the screening, which is the time we usually show