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Thrifty Moving: Save Money on Moving Day

Moving can be really costly. Extremely costly. If you hire movers, packers, the whole nine yards, it can be a couple thousand dollars to make your move. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, there are a few ways to reduce the costs. I’ve already covered preparing for your move by getting free

Thrifty Moving: Make a Moving Day Kit

It’s moving day, your truck is half loaded. You scratched your arm on the edge of a box and have a pounding headache. To make matters worse, you need to take your bed frame apart but can’t find a screwdriver to save your life. You know you have all those items, but can’t remember where

Money Saving Tip: Shop the Yearly Sales & Clearances

I saw this yesterday on and though it would be great to share with my readers. Last week, when I was talking about planning a Beach Day, I mentioned how this the time of year when most of the beach and summer stuff goes on clearance to make way for Back to School and

Money Saving Tip: Use Less Paper Towels

This is something new we’ve been trying in my home lately. The boyfriend and I are constantly looking for ways to cut down waste and costs. Paper towels are crazy expensive here and they really aren’t a necessity, at all. Between my boyfriend using a new paper towel as a “napkin” for every meal, and

Free Advanced Movie Screening Tips

I’ve posted a few advanced screenings recently, and it’s something I’d like to post more of in the future. Since this is a new experience for most people, I’d like to share some tips and info about advanced screenings so my readers are well prepared to take advantage of these great opportunities. I first found

Thrifty Moving: Saving on Packing Supplies

I’ve already tackled the challenge of finding moving boxes for free. So now that you have the boxes, the next step is to pack up your stuff. Easier said than done. One of the trickiest parts of packing is making sure you pack your items in a way that they will not break during their

Money Saving Tip: Keep Cool & Cut AC Costs

For the first time in my life I am living in an apartment without air conditioning and it’s not the easiest adjustment in the world, but it’s only temporary and definitely not the end of the world. To beat the heat, I’ve done a lot of reading about alternative ways to keep cool and cool

Money Saving Tip: Reusable Swiffer Cloths

I love my Swiffer. It was one of the first things I bought when I moved out on my own, starting with the Swiffer Sweeper, soon adding the Duster, Wet jet, and Vac. As great as these products are at cleaning, the major downside is the costly (and wasteful) disposable cloths. Of course, I try

Thrifty Moving: Finding Free Boxes

At the end of this month I’ll be moving for the first time in three years, and then three months after that I’ll be moving again, so my mind is definitely focused on finding ways to make moving simple and cheap when it can be so costly and stressful. Boxes are an essential element of