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Saving Time & Money: Weekly Menu Planning

This is something new the boyfriend and I tried last week and I am pleasantly surprised by how much easier it made our week go. This is how things used to go each night: dinner time comes and we spend about an hour or so trying to figure out what we want to eat/what we

A Newbie’s Approach to Couponing

Couponing is basically a new thing for me. My parents never really used coupons and I never really gave them much thought. Then earlier this year I read an article about a woman who only spent $100 a year on groceries for her family, and she did that all through coupons. That really caught my

Watch Streaming TV Online for Free: Joost

Similar to Hulu, Joost offers streaming, ad-based content. Everything is free and you don’t have to sign up to watch the videos. In addition to full-length TV show episodes and movies, Joost also offers music videos and special performances. Some of the shows streaming on Joost right now include: CSI, Jericho, and Star Trek: The

Reducing Air Conditioning Use to Save Money

Since the move, I’m back in an apartment with air conditioning, which is great. Previously I was devising all kinds of ways to keep cool without air conditioning. Though I’m glad to have ac again, it’s addicting and costly. Ours is supposedly energy-efficient, but we haven’t gotten our first electricity bill yet to determine exactly

Thrifty Night In: Board Game Night with a Twist

Board games have become extremely popular since the economic downturn. With astronomical movie prices and less “fun money” available because of higher bills and such, a lot of families and even 20 somethings are opting not to go out, but instead stay in and do things for free. Almost everyone has a closet full of

How to Go to the Movie Theater for Less (or Free)

I love going to the movie theater to see a great new movie (or sometimes even a bad one). When I was in high school, my friends and I went to the theater almost every single Friday. Back then the tickets were only about $5. Here in Chicago, a regular admission ticket is $11. That

Billshrink: Compare and Find The Cheapest Option

I just discovered this website today via MummyDeals. I’ve honestly been looking for a site similar to this lately because I’ve been thinking about switching my cell phone carrier. All of the options are pretty overwhelming and I was looking for a site that could make it easier. One of the best ways to get

Money Saving Tip: Creative Uses for Clothespins

During and after my recent move, there’s been a lot of item shuffling, donating, recycling, etc. It’s really given me a good chance to look at all of the things I have and figure out whether or not I need them, and also gave me a nice opportunity to find creative new uses for things

Money Saving Link: 4 Swiffer Hacks

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning the past few days between the old place and the new place. Of course, I’ve been taking advantage of opportunities to save money while I clean. I use my reusable Swiffer cloths and rags instead of paper towels, which saves me a ton of money. I just saw

Moving Tomorrow – Here’s How I Saved Money

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m moving tomorrow. This is the second time this year, but thankfully it will be the last time for a while. Our internet service is supposed to start at our new place tomorrow, but who knows if it actually will. So if there aren’t any posts for a few days, you