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Bank of America to Charge $5 for Debit Cards…

…time to find a new bank. I’ve had checking, savings and credit card accounts with Bank of America for about seven years now. Kind of crazy considering I hate the bank. Of course you’re thinking, well if you hate them so much, why do you bank with them? I originally opened a student checking account

July 2011 Student Loan Update: Lower Payment

When I got an email from Sallie Mae last week telling me I had a message about my account information, I couldn’t wait to log in because I knew–I just knew–that the extra payments I’ve made on my account the past few months must have finally paid off. They have. Sallie Mae lowered my monthly

Student Loan Auto Debit Lowers My Sallie Mae Payment

I haven’t written about my student loans in a little while. I’ve made some changes that are really helping me save money. I’ve written many times about ways to lower monthly student loan payments. The one I hadn’t tried yet was utilizing benefits from my lender. Honestly, Sallie Mae doesn’t offer many benefits to those

5 Sites to Use File Your Taxes Online For Free in 2011

It’s tax season, and there’s only a few weeks left before this year’s April 18th deadline (yes, Tax Day is the 18th this year!). I already filed my taxes and divided my refund between rebuilding my savings and paying extra on my student loans. I also didn’t pay a cent to do my taxes. Just

Getting Back on Track Paying Off My Student Loans

Previously I posted about tricks I was using to pay off my ridiculous amount of student loans and the little strides I was making to cut those down. If you’re a long time reader, you probably noticed I promptly stopped talking about it. This wasn’t out of laziness but more out of shame because I

Watch “Default: The Student Loan Documentary” Free Online

Student loan reform is something I’m very passionate about, especially since I left college with six-digit student loan debt. Default: The Student Loan Documentary features different borrowers struggling with student loan debt and highlights some of the problems with the student loan industry. This short documentary is 27 minutes long, and the makers are screening

5 Ways To Stay Optimistic & Productive While Unemployed

The economy is in the dumps, the unemployment rate seems to always be rising, and everything kind of sucks. It sucks even more if you’re unemployed, especially for a long period of time, which is becoming more and more common for people in the United States. I’ve been unemployed for 7 months since my temporary

My 5 Must Read Thrifty Blogs

This may come as a major shock to you, but I am not the only blogger out there who writes about thrifty topics. Oh no, there are many many others. In fact, in the time it takes me to type this intro, I bet at least 10 new thrifty-themed blogs have been created. This great

Upromise: Earn Money For College or Pay off Student Loans

I’ve mentioned Upromise here and there, but never really talked about it much, so I figured this is the best time to do a post, especially with many people going back to school this fall. College is expensive. Even more expensive in hindsight if you have student loans to pay off. Upromise gives you many

Paying a Little Extra on Student Loans Really Adds Up

I haven’t written too much about my personal finances on this blog in the past year, and that’s mostly because I’ve spent the majority of the year unemployed, so it’s been very tough. One of the biggest strains on my finances is the immense amount of student loan debt I amassed before I graduated from