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13 Ways to Save $13 a Day & Become a Millionaire

There’s a common excuse I hear from my 20-something friends and family members: “I can’t save for retirement. Between student loans and bills, I don’t have enough money to save. I’m young and I have plenty of time to save for retirement.” I understand it, I’ve been there, living paycheck to paycheck, just struggling to

2012 Student Loan Debt Update and 2013 Goals!

Happy New Year everyone! So, 2012 is over, and what a crazy year it was. I’m not sure how it passed me by so fast. The last half of the year was very busy for me between a lot of extra work at my day job (including some overtime) plus a side project eating up

October 2012 Sallie Mae Student Debt Update

Well, it’s 2013 already. Where did all of the time go? It’s time (past time) for my quarterly student loan update. Again, I’m two months behind for the debt updated for October. In July, Sallie Mae dropped my monthly loan payment to $962.77. Between July and October I paid $1420.73 extra on my loans, including

July 2012 Student Loan Debt Updates

But Tiffany, it’s October, why are you doing the July update now? Well, dear reader, this was a busy busy summer. And I wanted to get these numbers down before Sallie Mae updates my monthly payment amount after my October payment. So I’ve continued my trend of paying as much as I possibly can each

April 2012 Student Loan Debt Update

Yep, it’s May. I’ve been crazy busy for the past two weeks, so I’m only getting around to writing this post now. It also doesn’t help that this latest debt update is a little disappointing (and not because of anything I did). In January Sallie Mae dropped my student loan payment to $982.89. Since then

Sallie Mae’s New Online Pay System – Pay Extra on your Principal

I don’t know when Sallie Mae started this, but I didn’t discover it until February. Previously if you made extra payments beyond your monthly amount due and you wanted it applied to specific loans, you had to make all of your payments by check with written instructions telling them how to apply the extra amounts.

January 2012 Student Loan Debt Update

Yes, it’s technically February, but this my first chance to sit down and write this post. January was the next month for Sallie Mae to reevaluate my monthly payment based off the extra payments I make on my student loan each month. Back in October, Sallie Mae dropped my monthly payment to $996.97. I paid

2011 Debt Update and 2012 Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Last year sped by so fast, and although I do not feel like I made much of a dent in my students loans over the year, I did hit a major goal and my networth is slowly increasing. So as I’m reflecting on the past year and making personal resolutions, I

Student Loan Update: Sallie Mae Drops My Monthly Payment Again

The past two months have been a bit of a challenge for me in the money department. Money hasn’t be tight or anything, but moving all of my money from one bank to the other is time consuming and confusing, especially for someone like me who is meticulous about keeping a balanced checking account. Because

How to Check your Credit Report and Score for Free

With all of the bank research I’ve done the past few weeks, I’ve thought a lot about my credit score and how it effects this whole process. It’s kind of silly how a number defines whether or not you can open an account, interest rates and all sorts of other things related to your financial