Budget Stocking Stuffers – Under $5 $2 $1


Budget Stocking Stuffers - Under $5 $2 $1

Here it is, the final entry in my series on affordable stocking stuffers. So you’re really on a budget for your holiday shopping or maybe you need to get a big bang for your buck because you have to get gifts for so many family members. Whatever the reason, there’s nothing to fear! There are plenty of cheap and affordable stocking stuffers available. For this post, I’m rounding up some of the best low-priced stocking stuffers and gifts. These are also perfect if you need to get something for everyone at the office or have a classroom of kids to put together gifts for. We have options for stocking stuffers under $5, $2, and even $1!

For many of these stocking stuffers, the low price comes because you’re buying them in packs or lots. Most of these items are grouped by the price per item, not the overall price for each order.

Stockings Stuffers Under $5

Spider Grip Smartphone Holder

I love practical stocking stuffers because I know the giftee will get a lot of use out of them. This is perfect for any smartphone owner. Unlike most phone and tablet holders, this one is universal and fits any size phone. It has four flexible legs (just like a spider) which can be folded in a variety of ways. They can hold up a phone or tablet on a table or even mount your phone in the car while you’re traveling or on your bike while you ride. I think I may have to order one of these for myself this year…

Christmas Crayons

Christmas Crayons Stocking Stuffers Under $5

If you really want to get into the Christmas season, this is a great stocking stuffer under $5. This is a set of 3 Christmas-themed crayons. These crayons are handmade by Etsy seller The Glitter Glam from non-toxic wax and recommended for ages 3 and up. The holiday-themed shapes include a gingerbread man, a Christmas tree, and a snowflake.

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener

If you have a Star Wars fan on your Holiday shopping list, then this is the perfect stocking stuffer for them. Made of solid metal, this bottle opener is in the shape of the famous spaceship, the Millenium Falcon. Perfect for popping over beer bottles and classic soda bottles, this is a fun and practical gift.

Beer Can Christmas Cozy

Beer Can Christmas Cozy Stockings Stuffers under $5

Got that guy in your life who is impossible to shop for? Well, if he enjoys a nice beer, he’ll appreciate this fun and festive stocking stuffer. Featuring an illustration of Santa enjoying a cold one, it says “It’s the Most Wonderful Time for a Beer.” Festive, fun, and functional!

Available in black or white with red or black print.

Chocolate Coal

Want a joke gift or have you always dreamed of giving someone a lump of coal in their stocking? Now you can do it and not feel bad about it with these chocolate candy coal bags. Comes with 10 pieces of chocolate wrapped in black foil so they look like lumps of coal.

Original Slinky

I feel like this classic toy is even more fun during this time when smartphones and tablets seem to dominate kids’ playtime. There’s a lot of fun to be had with a classic metal slinky. There are many experiments to make it walk, including the famous down the stairs one. This will get your kids away from their screen for at least a little while.

Stockings Stuffers Under $2

Slime Putty

Silly Putty is an essential stocking stuffer that a kid should get at least once in their life. When I was a kid, I went bonkers over the Silly Putty in my stocking. But these days, kids want SLIME. So this is the best of both worlds. Plus it’s the perfect size for a stocking.

Comes in a pack of 6.

Nose Pencil Sharpeners

This is another great stocking stuffer for school-aged kids. This item is exactly what you think: a novelty pencil sharpener in the shape of the nose. And as you’d expect, you have to insert your pencil into the nose to sharpen it.

Comes in a pack of 3.

Claw Back Scratcher

This is one gadget that some people don’t fully appreciate until you need it. You know those moments when you get that itch right in the center of your back where you can’t reach? The claw solves that. It’s a back scratcher with a telescopic handle to help you get those hard-to-reach places. The end features a bear claw-shaped scratcher, perfect for itch relief.

Barrel Of Slime

Slime is popular with kids and teens these days, and this one is pretty cool. Packaged in a barrel with “CAUTION” printed all over it, inside is a black slime perfect for squeezing, oozing, and all other slime-related activities.

Comes with 24 barrels. Recommended for kids age 5 and up.

Stockings Stuffers Under $1

Neon Multi-Color Pen

This is the kind of fun gift I think all ages will enjoy, but it’s especially fun for kids and teens. These neon pens feature 10 different ink colors, so you can write in whatever color matches your mood.

Comes in a set of 24, perfectly priced if you’re looking for stocking stuffers under $1.

Brain Teaser Puzzle Balls

I had a bunch of these as a kid and I absolutely loved them. These little balls are actually mind-teaser puzzles. The first challenge is getting them apart and then you have the challenge of getting them back together. These are fun and perfectly sized for a Christmas stocking.

Comes in packs of 12 with 4 different puzzles.

Bottle Opener Ring

This is the kind of goofy and fun gift people won’t buy for themselves, but they’ll really appreciate it when they get it. What looks like a normal ring is actually a hidden bottle opener. This is perfect for traveling, camping, or just enjoying a few cold ones in the backyard. Get it for the guy in your life who likes to enjoy a beer while he grills.

Flashlight Key Chains

This is a great stocking stuffer for kids. These little keychains are actually working flashlights. They’re perfect to have on hand for low-light situations and safe walking at night. Plus, the colors are fun.

Comes in a set of 12. Batteries included.

Emoji Stress Balls

This is another fun and practical stocking stuffer that’s perfect for all ages. These little yellow stress balls are perfectly sized for squeezing and they also feature well-known emoji faces. Great for general play or also good for office workers who need to stretch and exercise tired hands and forearms.

Comes in a pack of 12.

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