Blog Disclosure Policy


You may have heard the FTC has made some new rules regarding bloggers and their responsibility to disclose to their readers when they’re receiving some type of pay or free products for their endorsement of products or services. I don’t entirely understand all the new rules and such, a lot of them are pretty broad, so I will just be straight with all my wonderful readers about what goes on behind the scenes here at t20s.

Up until this point, I have no received any free products, etc to review or promote on this site. I have never been paid to write a review. Every word I’ve blogged has been my personal opinion, based on my experiences. I have reviewed free samples I’ve received, but that is different, as I just requested a sample from some sample website. No one asked me to write those reviews.

I do try to make a little money off of this site. You’ve probably noticed some advertising here and there. I do post affiliate links from time to time. Any link I post is for product and services which I find to legitimate and somehow helpful to my readers. I never post anything for the sole purpose of trying to make a profit. Quality and honesty are my main goals when it comes to this blog.

I do often benefit from my affiliate links. For example, I am in the affiliate program, so anytime you may click on an Amazon link on my site and then buy something, I get a small percentage of that. Most other links pay for sign ups or clicks. I’ve never posted a link because someone has paid me to do it. I make very little money from this blog.

Like I’ve mentioned before, honesty is the most important part of blogging to me. The whole purpose of t20s is to share my thrifty ways and ideas to help other people my age live their own fun and thrifty lives. I appreciate all of my readers and hope you enjoy the content I provide.

If you ever have any questions about anything I’ve posted, feel free to comment or send me an email.