10 Best Yoga Videos on Amazon Prime


Best Yoga Videos on Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime comes with so many benefits, including free two-day shipping, streaming music, and of course a comprehensive library of free streaming movies and television. It’s so great, that if you haven’t yet you should try a Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. But if you’re already on the Amazon Prime Train, let’s talk about one of the big benefits: free streaming exercise videos.

In my frugal journey, I’ve always avoided a gym membership. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to exercise. Even though getting an affordable fitness tracker has helped me become more active, I am a lot less likely to exercise if I have to get dressed, leave the house, and workout with strangers. Yoga classes at a studio are also pretty pricey and not really in the budget right now for regular practice. Streaming yoga video is a great way to bridge the gap, allowing me to practice yoga regularly without spending extra money. My Prime membership has been a fantastic way to take advantage of some great streaming yoga videos to add variety to my routine and allow me to exercise in different ways. All I needed was to get some basic yoga equipment and then I was ready to go.

For this post, I’m reviewing 10 of the best Yoga Videos on Amazon Prime. These are a variety of yoga workouts and routines that are perfect for home practice. These videos are presented in no particular order as they all meet different needs and experience levels. Note: Amazon Prime Video content can change on a monthly basis, but all of these videos were free at the time of publication.

Yoga for Beginners: A Complete Guide

Yoga for Beginners: A Complete Guide Streaming Amazon Prime Video

Let’s say you’ve never stepped on a yoga mat before or maybe it’s been a few months (or years!) since your last practice. This is the perfect video for you. A lot of the beginner yoga videos I’ve watched on Amazon Prime are a little too quick or lacking in-depth explanations of how to get into the poses. Anne Marie Newland is an experienced yoga teacher who can guide you through the practice and give you all the info you need. In this video, she breaks down proper breathing, basic yoga poses, Sun Salutations, and stretches. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow and also give you a good yoga workout. Once you’ve followed this video a few times, you’ll be ready to branch out to the other streaming yoga videos on this list.

She does recommend using yoga props like blocks, a yoga strap, and cushions. If you don’t own these tools already, you can substitute books, pillows, and a belt. You can also invest in a yoga kit that will greatly enhance your practice (and arrive in only 2 days thanks to Prime shipping).

Length: 55 minutes

30 Days of Yoga with Jess Timisit

If you have a hard time forming a yoga or exercise habit, doing a 30 day program like this one led by Jess Timsit can really help kickstart your practice. Targeted towards beginners, this series features 30 classes of 20-30 minutes each breaking down foundational poses and building upon them as the month progresses. Jess is a positive and upbeat Yogi who brings a great energy to her videos and gives clear instructions practitioners at any level can follow.

Even if you don’t complete the program in 30 days (I believe its good to take rest days when you need them!), working through this series of yoga videos at your own pace is a great way to get fit and create a yoga habit.

Length: 30 classes 20-30 minutes long

Yoga Sweat: Beginner’s Power Yoga

If working out and losing weight is a priority and you want to maximize your time, this Power Yoga workout will be great for you. It’s targeted at beginners and is slowed down so you can focus on technique, but it will still make you sweat. The instructor walks you through each pose, but the poses are intense. This is not a gentle yoga routine! It quickly takes you into chair and plank, so your muscles are working.

Since this is a 20-minute routine, it’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine so you can get your exercise in without the time commitment of a full-length yoga class. This video is also a lot more masculine than many other yoga videos, with a male instructor and a dark gym set. If you’re trying to get a male partner into yoga, they may take it a little more seriously if you show them this routine.

Length: 20 minutes

Full Body Flexibility Yoga

A lot of adults struggle with flexibility and a lack of it can cause body pain and make some yoga poses difficult. This three part series focuses specifically on boosting mobility and improving your flexibility with the end goal of doing splits. Kristen Scott is an informative instructor who gives all the guidance beginners need to improve their flexibility.

Even if you don’t care about being able to do the splits, these flexibility classes are a great workout and good to alternate with yoga classes with other focuses to give you well-rounded fitness.

Length: 3 classes, 20-30 minutes long

Gentle Good Morning Yoga Flow

If you like to rise with the sun and get your workout done first thing in the morning, then this is the video for you. With two different routines, these morning flows focus on waking up your body and preparing it for the day. Instructor Nikka Nadia has a very perky personality to her instruction, so if you’re not a morning person you may find it a little bit grating, but many will appreciate her happy and fun instruction.

If you’re worried these workouts are too gentle, don’t be. While the flows are careful to slowly wake-up your body and muscles, you will get your heart rate up doing these routines.

Length: 2 classes, 30 minutes long

30 Day Yoga for Weight Loss

30 Day Yoga for Weight Loss

Thirty day yoga programs are great because they help you build a regular yoga habit while progressively challenging you with new poses and harder routines. This series from yogi Julia Marie is focused on burning calories for weight loss.

It’s a great program to try for your New Years Resolutions or to get fit any time.

Length: 30 episodes, 20 to 37 minutes long

Quick Yoga Workouts For Weight Loss & Toning

Many of the classes featured on this list are targeted for beginners, but this series with instructor Lindsey Samper is for intermediate yogis, offering more of a challenge and slightly more advanced poses. The main focuses of her yoga videos are compact workouts that you can squeeze into any busy schedule and still feel real benefits.

This series features a Quick Intense Ab workout that is less than 10 minutes but will really work your stomach muscles. There’s also a Morning Yoga Flow that can help you wake your body and get your heart rate up in only 12 minutes. The final video is a full 20 minutes class focused on weight loss. All of these videos are a great option when you’re short on time buy looking for results.

Length: 3 classes, 9 – 21 minutes long

Yoga Meditation for Stress & Anxiety Relief

When you’re having one of those days–you know those crazy stressful days when things are insane at work and you’re going non-stop–sometimes you need to do something other than exercise. Maybe you need to unwind at the end of the day or calm a frantic mind in the morning. This yoga routine featuring Katrina Repman is a 20-minute routine that is like a moving meditation. It’s a relaxing routine that is great to do in the morning, or really good to do in the evening before bed.

Katrina has a relaxing voice and takes you through a gentle routine that helps you calm your mind and release the physical and mental tension you might experience throughout the day. This routine also makes a nice wind-down routine after an intense gym workout.

Length: 20 minutes

Yoga Therapy for Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint among adults, especially those who work in offices that lead to poor posture and other issues. Instructor Kanta Barrios leads you through a gentle routine to help relieve back pain and also relieve stress. This routine will lead you through a warm-up, some hip openers, leg stretches, and then specific poses for back pain.

The audio quality on this video is not as good as some of the other videos, but if that doesn’t bother you then you will be able to get a lot out of this yoga routine.

This video does require some yoga props including a blanket, block, bolster, and chair. You can substitute with items around the house if needed.

Length: 59 minutes

Cardio Strength Fusion Workout

If you feel like you need a little more cardio in your exercise routine, try this video out. Blending yoga and pilates moves with cardio and strength exercises, this routine gives you a little more of a workout that many traditional yoga routines. This is a great step up if you’re feeling bored with yoga or it makes a good video to alternate with gentle yoga flows and stretches.

All of the exercises rely on your body weight so you don’t need any props or gym equipment to get a full-body workout. It’s fast-paced and works your core, arms, and glutes throughout.

Length: 45 minutes

Need more workout videos to inspire you? Check out Awake and Mindful’s 5 favorite yoga videos on Amazon Prime. Make sure to get must have yoga gear for home practice.

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