Student Loan Update: Sallie Mae Drops My Monthly Payment Again


The past two months have been a bit of a challenge for me in the money department. Money hasn’t be tight or anything, but moving all of my money from one bank to the other is time consuming and confusing, especially for someone like me who is meticulous about keeping a balanced checking account. Because it was all sort of overwhelming, I didn’t make an extra payments towards my student loans since I was in the middle of moving money around between different accounts.

I successfully change my Sallie Mae autodebit to my new checking account and once my October payment amount was successfully deducted, I didn’t think much about it again.

Today I went to log in to my account to set up my extra payment for November and I was greeted with a little surprise.

Sallie Mae dropped my monthly payment amount again and I never got the email notification for it. Finally, I am under $1000 for my monthly payment. This is great because I was so close to my goal the last time Sallie Mae dropped my payment in July.

I really hope to give my student loans a good ass kicking over the next few months. It’s likely I’ll get a bonus in December and I should be due a tax refund next spring, so that’s extra money that will be funneled straight to savings and student loans.

Another thing that will help me in my fight against Sallie Mae: I recently got a Upromise credit card which I’m using for all of my day-to-day purchases (and don’t worry, I pay it off every month before I’m charged any interest). I get varying percentages back depending on my purchases, which goes straight to my student loans (quarterly).

Considering I started with 6 digit debt, this will be a long battle, but every reduction in monthly payment is the nice little boost that reminds me I’m just a little bit closer to being debt free.