Enter Upromise’s $500 Holiday Giveaway


Just as I start getting into sweeping one of my favorite money earning sites has their own sweepstakes.

Upromise is having a $500 Holiday where they’re giving away a $500 MasterCard gift card every day through October 31st. Only Upromise members can enter, so sign up first.

Upromise is a website that gives you money back on every day purchases (grocery, gas, dining out) and shopping online. The money you earn can be transferred to a college savings, pay off a Sallie Mae loan, transferred to a savings account, or paid via check.

After you join Upromise, there are six ways to enter this sweepstakes:

  • Register for extra holiday savings
  • Sign up for deal alerts
  • Join the Upromise Community
  • Download the new TurboSaver Toolbar
  • Share your Guest Shopping Link
  • Bookmark the Online Shopping Page

You just have to do each of those things once and then you’re entered for the drawing every day. Easy as pie.

If you’re new to Upromise, take some time to read my review.