My 5 Must Read Thrifty Blogs


This may come as a major shock to you, but I am not the only blogger out there who writes about thrifty topics. Oh no, there are many many others. In fact, in the time it takes me to type this intro, I bet at least 10 new thrifty-themed blogs have been created.

This great community of blogs offers so many different ideas and strategies to be money savvy while living and enjoy life. I decided to share a few of my favorites today. These are the sites that I consider “must reads.” If I could only read five blogs a day, these would be it.

Freebies & Samples: Hey it’s Free

I post a freebie round-up every Friday, but if that’s not enough free stuff for you, then Hey It’s Free is the best source. The site is updated daily, whenever the freebies are available. The posts are all freebies and samples, along with funny and silly commentary.

Grocery Shopping: Mashup Mom

I don’t post grocery store deals because I don’t have the patience or energy to look at all the ads and do coupon match-ups. Luckily for me, Mashup Mom has all the deals every week for the stores I shop at. Though it’s targeted towards moms, anyone can find it beneficial. As a bonus, Rachel (the Mashup Mom) is very patient with her readers, answering questions and creating easy scenarios for newbies.

Note: She is a Chicago-area blogger, so most of the stores she covers are Illinois & NW Indiana stores, though she covers bigger chains like Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, etc.

Target Savings: Totally Target

I love shopping at Target, but like most people, I end up spending way more than I meant to every time I go in there. Totally Target is completely dedicated to Target deals, coupons, freebies–everything you need to know about saving big at Target you will find at this site.This blog is so thorough it’s mind-boggling. This is a must-read for any Target shopper.

Cooking: Broke Ass Gourmet

I love cooking, and every week when I plan the dinner menu, I try to pick at least one new recipe to try. I find most of these recipes online, and lately most of them came from Broke Ass Gourmet. Besides featuring an edgy name, this blog also has yummy, unique recipes, that are relatively inexpensive to make but go further than just dumping a box of pasta into some boiling water.

This week we’re making the Bacon-Parmesan stuffed Mushroom recipe I found on the site.

Investments, Debt Reduction and Prevention: Frugal Dad

I think every twenty something should read some sort of financial blog, especially one that focuses on eliminating or preventing debt and investing for the future. Many people our age rack up credit cards, student loans, and other debt, which can become a horrible burden. Frugal Dad is like getting wise advise from your own dad about what not to do and how to become a millionaire in 10 years.

Those are my top five thrifty blogs. What thrifty and money saving blogs are on your must-read list?