Payment Proof: Knowledge Networks Panel is Not a Scam


I’m still getting a lot of traffic from people who think Knowledge Panel is a scam, so I just wanted to post some proof that it is a legit panel. It’s one of my favorite panels and I think anyone who’s interested in taking surveys for money and is lucky enough to be invited to join the panel (you can’t just sign up, your household has to be selected) should join it.

This week I received 2 checks from Knowledge Networks.

The amounts are pretty large and here’s why: I participated in a medical study which required an in depth telephone interview, so I was compensated $100 for that. I also took an extended financial survey that paid $20. The rest was just earned through general surveys. I don’t know how typical these earnings are, but the opportunities are there and they do pay.

if you want to learn more about Knowledge Networks, read about the 2 dollar bills they sent me in the mail and my review of the panel.

If you have any questions about Knowledge Panel, please check their FAQ and the FAQ I compiled as well.


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