EXPIRED AMC Movie Tickets for $4 in San Fransisco & Philadelphia


Update: Sorry, this deal is over.

Edit: 5 more cities have been added! This ends on 6/10/10, so buy today!

I know this weeks gardening video isn’t up yet–I’m sorry for that. The boyfriend has gotten sick (and I think I’m coming down with it too now), so when he got home from work last night, it was a “lay on the couch and watch TV” kind of night. Tonight I’ll remind him about the video, and hopefully we’ll get it up.

Since I’m starting to feel under the weather (and the weather outside is pretty dreary too), I just have one short post for you today. This is a nice deal.

I’m always boasting about how a good way to save money is look for cheap ways & deals to go to the movie theater or go to free movie screenings. I’m sure you’ve noticed lately that I haven’t really posted any free movie screenings. That’s because I honestly haven’t heard about any lately, or by the time I hear about them, they’re gone.

It’s a bummer and because of the lack of free screenings (and movies that actually pique our interest) the boyfriend and I haven’t been to the movie theater for a couple months. Our Netflix account has been put to good use though.

This is the kind of deal that would have us going to the theater more. Unfortunately it’s only available in San Francisco & Philadelphia, and it’s only available for the next 3 days.

This is part of KGB Deals, which (from the impression I’m getting) is similar to Groupon, where a deal is offered in specific cities for a limited amount of time or a limited amount of deals.

These tickets are good up to $12.50 value, and are valid at any AMC, Loews, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson, and Star theatres. If you live in San Francisco or Philadelphia, make sure to jump on this. This price may be cheaper than the matinee, and you should be able to use the tickets for any showtime, 7 days a week.