Free Streaming Yoga, Pilates, & Exercise Videos on Hulu


Looking for video recommendations? Check out the 10 best yoga videos on Amazon Prime.

The weather is getting warmer here and just like spring is a fresh start for all the plants growing outside, it’s a good time to make personal changes for a “new start.”

The boyfriend and I have been actively seeking ways to improve our lives and our health. One of our biggest goals right now is to be more active in general and exercise regularly.

I love yoga. I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing it, so we’re making it a goal to practice yoga regularly starting this weekend. Luckily enough, there are plenty of free resources for yoga, including free streaming videos and downloads.

I recently discovered that Hulu, a fantastic source for free streaming TV shows, has a whole channel dedicated to exercise called Exercise TV.

This channel includes things like Jillian Michael’s Mini Workouts, Bikini Body Makeover, and Six Pack Abs. Now, the thing that I am really excited about is their Yoga and Pilates section.

This section includes a variety of 10-20 minute workouts with different focuses, like Hips, Buns, & Thighs or Cardio Yoga. These are fun, short videos that can add variety to your routine. The videos can change periodically, so stay tuned for what they’ll have available in the future.

The best part is all of the videos are free, so you can try a new exercise routine without spending any money.

How do you exercise and save money at the same time? Let me know in the comments.

Looking for video recommendations? Check out the 10 best yoga videos on Amazon Prime.


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