Never Pay for Shipping on Again


I love You can buy anything there (and I mean anything). One of the best things about is that they offer Free Super Saving Shipping when you buy $25 or more of eligible products. Sometimes it’s a little tricky to hit that $25 mark without going crazy with the purchases. A common scenario is adding a few items to your cart and seeing that you need to spend a couple bucks more to get the free shipping.

That’s where Amazon Filler Item Finder comes to the rescue. Just type in how much money you need to get the free shipping, and it automatically searches for qualifying items at that price and higher. Just pick something off the list and you’re all set to get your free shipping and a fun bonus item.

This is my real life example of using the filler item finder. Today I was buying two items off of Amazon and once I added them both to my cart, I was 1 cent away from the free shipping. A single penny! How frustrating is that? So I searched the item founder and found plenty of items under a dollar, the lowest being 7 cents (anyone know what this is?). But in the end I got my free shipping, so I was quite happy.

Now I don’t actually pay for anything I buy from, since I just use the gift certificates I earn from places like Swagbucks and MTurk, but still I like saving money and stretching those gift cards as far as I can. Using the Free Super Saving Shipping is just one of the ways I do that.

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