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Just got a surprise $2 in the mail from Knowledge Networks

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Today was an exciting day at the mailbox. I got a 25 gift card for Amazon.com from Mypoints. I also received a sample of Kashi’s new Honey Sunshine cereal which came with a coupon I will be using to get 4 boxes of Kashi cereal for 50 cents at Jewel. Add in two movies from my Netflix queue, and that alone makes a fun day.

There was also a huge first class envelope from Knowledge Networks, which I have never heard of. It was addressed to the current residents, so I opened it up and was surprised to be greeted by two 1 dollar bills.

It turns out Knowledge Panel is a US-based research company. They’re currently doing a national recruitment campaign where they’re randomly selecting addresses and inviting people to join the panel. We were one of the households selected! With the $2 cash up front, they’ve definitely got my attention, and I’m signing up for their panel today.

Unfortunately, you can only sign-up for the panel if your household is selected and sent a letter. If you get a big first class envelope from Knowledge Networks, make sure to open it! Even if you’re not interested in the panel, there’s 2 bucks inside, and free money should not go to waste.

Has anyone ever been a part of the KnowledgePanel? I’m interested in hearing about your experiences.

Read my follow-up review on Knowledge Panel, including stats on their payments and proof of payment.

If you have any questions about Knowledge Panel, please check their FAQ and the FAQ I compiled as well.

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26 Comments on Just got a surprise $2 in the mail from Knowledge Networks

  1. Ron on Sat, 29th Oct 2011 8:09 AM
  2. Guys it’s legitimate. Why waste $2 dollars on a scam that most people would realize anyways? I personally use KP and have never had a single problem from them. There even sending me a Laptop and paying for my internet bill so I can continue doing surveys since my old computer broke down. These guys are the real deal!

  3. Shauna on Thu, 9th May 2013 5:44 AM
  4. It’s actually legit. I’ve been doing it for 2 years an have redeemed over 200 in Sephora giftcards. I could’ve gotten more but I ignored some of the surveys when I didn’t need money as bad. I almost threw it in the trash when I got the invite. I needed a pack of cigarettes then I open the envelope an see a 5 dollar bill. I wonder how many people tossed it out as junk mail.

  5. Terri on Mon, 19th Aug 2013 2:38 PM
  6. I was just wondering. I received two one dollar bills in the mail on Saturday and was just wondering if this wesite is real??????Tthe name of it is GFK custom Research. I filled it out and they said they were going to send me $10.00 to me and other people in my house hold. Is this company a scammer?????

  7. Mariae on Sun, 23rd Feb 2014 11:27 AM
  8. I just got this in the mail… No $2 though… but it says I’ll get $10 if I join.
    it was on its way to the trash like the other mailers when I thought of checking if it’s legit and I found your site… Thanks for sharing the info.

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