Free Samples from Freeflys


We all know I love free samples. I’m constantly looking for new ways to find out about them, whether they be blogs to follow or websites to check. I want to know about every freebie out there so I never miss a single one.

Recently I discovered the website Freeflys. Basically, they just round up all the available free samples so you can access them in one place. It is completely free, but you have to sign-up to access them. The sign up page is a little obnoxious because you have to go through a bunch of offers (they have to make their money somehow), but you don’t have to opt it to them if you’re not interested.

The website is nicely organized into categories, and each category has an RSS feed that you can subscribe to, so you don’t even have to visit the website everyday to check for new freebies, you’ll automatically be notified when I new one is posted.

Here are the samples I found on Freeflys today. Some of these are samples that I have listed before, but they’re still available so if you haven’t signed up for them yet, make sure you do it soon.