Product Review: Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal


As I’ve posted before, Crest previously offered free samples of their Advanced Seal Whitestrips, and I’ve been lucky enough to get two of those samples. I’ve never tried any type of whitening before, and I’m interested to see how this works, and if these strips are actually effective.

Putting on the strips was easy enough. I just peeled them off the foil, stuck them on the front of my teeth and folded them over.

No ill side effects after application. I just felt like I had plastic over my teeth. After a couple minutes I checked it out in the mirror and there were thousands of tiny bubbles under the strips. No tingling or anything though–it just wasn’t very attractive.

The info that came with the sample listed some things you can do while you whiten with their strips:

-Talk on the phone
-Drink water
-Whistle along with the radio
-Take a shower
-Go about your daily routine.

I didn’t have anyone to call on the phone, so I talked to myself. The strips didn’t seem to impair me in any way. I drank some water and the strips stayed firmly in place. I cannot whistle, and the strip didn’t help me with that, though I don’t think it hindered me either. I’d already showered for the day, but I was able to wander around and do whatever I wanted to while I whitened.

After about 15 minutes some of the edges were starting to peel up just from normal activities, sometimes I thought I could taste the chemicals in my mouth.

After the recommended half hour, I went back to the bathroom to peel them off. It was a little tricky at first, but I pulled off the the strip starting at the back of my teeth, and then it was pretty easy. The strip left behind no sticky residue

Unfortunately, the free sample offer is gone for now, but Crest is offering $7 off one box of Crest Whitestrips.