Free Samples: Mario Badescu Skin Care Products.


Now this sample opportunity is fabulous. Mario Badescu, a salon and spa in New York that’s frequented by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston & Gwyneth Paltrow has a full line of skin care products and treatments for all types of skin problems.

I originally heard about Mario Badescu because they were offering free specialized samples of their products on the site. I took advantage of this a few years ago and then went back to the site recently to see if they still offered the samples. I couldn’t find them anywhere.

By doing a little googling I realized they still offer the samples, they’re just a little hidden. So I did a little test to figure out exactly how this works and can confirm that yes, there are still awesome samples available. Here’s how to get them:

Fill out the skin analysis questionnaire. It asks for your contact info and then some questions about your skin. When you finish it takes you to a page with personalize recommendations for your skin type and the option to buy them. To get the samples, don’t buy anything.

Soon after you’ll get an email (it was 2 days for me) asking if you’re interested in receiving some samples of the products from the recommended regimen for your skin type. Just go to the site and confirm your mailing address.

Soon you’ll receive the samples in the mail. It took less than a week for mine to come. I received 6 samples along with a product application guide for the regimen based off of my questionnaire results.

These samples are fabulous because not only do you get a good amount, but it’s a whole skincare routine with complete instructions.