Make Some Extra Cash: YouData


There are a couple different websites online where you can make some extra money by taking surveys, reading emails, etc.

YouData is a little bit different. Basically, they pay you to look at an ad and then click to visit a site. The ads are targeted directly to you by the optional info you provide through your “MeFile” (I listed info like I live in an apartment, my hobbies include drawing and knitting, I don’t like folk music etc.).

To access the ads you either have to log in to the website or download their ad player to access the ads instantly from your desktop.

The ads usually pay between 16 to 21 cents. Currently, YouData only pays out via PayPal, but your earnings for the week are deposited into your account every Friday. There is a small PayPal transaction fee, usually only a cent or two–but it’s free money anyway, so no big deal. (If you don’t have a PayPal account and don’t want to deal with it, you can still join and earn the money and then get paid when they have an option that suits you.)

I’ve been using YouData for about five or six months, and it definitely hasn’t made me rich, but it’s pretty simple to open up the ad player once or twice a week, click a few ads, and make a buck or two. It adds up over time and if you don’t visit every day you don’t miss out on the ads.

To sign up it only requires your name, sex, and birth date. As far as contact info, you do have to provide an email address and a cell phone number. They will text a confirmation code to your cell phone, basically to ensure that people aren’t signing up multiple times. I have never received any other texts or spam from them, so I assure you that it is safe to give this data.

It’s free money, so give it a try. I’ve actually discovered some really cool websites through it that I would have never seen otherwise. If you don’t like it, you can always quit.

YouData Stats

Info Required to Sign Up: Gender, Date of Birth, Email Address, US Cell Phone # (for validation only), Cell Phone Carrier. Optional: Home zip code and Mefile info.
Sign up bonuses: None.
How money is earned: Viewing and clicking ads on the website or in a downloadable application.
Value of action: Varies by ad. usually between $0.10-$0.25. Half is for viewing the ad, the other half is awarded by visiting the advertiser’s site.
Redemption options: Paypal. (There will be more options in the future).
Fees or rules for redemption: Transaction fee: 2% of total amount, maximum $1. No minimum for payout.
Time redemption takes: Funds are deposit weekly, Friday Afternoon
Cash value of earnings: 1 – 1.

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